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There are several inextricably intertwined elements to getting your agency to a place where it’s sustainably firing on all cylinders: business focus, client happiness, brand, culture, process, efficiency, energy are the foundational ones.


Many ‘agency therapists’ deal with only one or two of these issues, while success often comes from turning several of these dials the right amount in the right order.


The ultimate goal is to flourish: do better work, making more money, with less time and energy expended and while having more fun in the process. This also looks like keeping your key people. Having a humming shop where people are productive, collaborative and engaged. Clients who help get the job done well without angst. 


Whether you’re a one-person shop or a global entity, I’ve helped agencies like yours flourish.


“Having Lynette and Wild Alchemy work with our agency was the most productive and enjoyable thing we’ve ever done as a group. Aside from great team building and exercising some creative muscles, our business improved immediately and dramatically. The team gained new confidence and began to enthusiastically approach clients and prospects with an “anything is possible, let’s figure out how to make good things happen” mentality. Our new business win percentage hovered in the 70% range, margins went up as team members figured out how to provide great work and service at lower internal cost and, in the year following our sessions with Lynette, our revenue, margin, and net profit all exceeded the previous 10 years combined.”  


“Your presence and guidance in my opinion have changed a lot of how our agency operates. Your tutelage on briefs is something I return to consistently. I wasn't a planner before, but now everything ladders back to what you've taught me. Another big bang from you was your guidance on presentation skills. I know I have improved, but I’ve also seen several other creatives become better. I wish it were an ongoing thing. Finally, you as a person are a huge force for good in all things.”


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