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Updated: Apr 25

what if you could stack the deck in your favor by moving a chair? learn the basics of feng shui to bring prosperity.

At a core level, Feng Shui is the ancient art of moving your stuff around (with intention) in order to affect outcomes. At a minimum, it makes your space FEEL BETTER, whether you can pinpoint why or not. Most changes that I recommend in my video/handout are the very high-level changes that can be made with very little effort (and work whether you believe in them or not).


“I painted my door red and got 5 calls for huge jobs THE. NEXT. DAY and after 9/11, I filled my empty, sad wealth corner with a flourishing garden and my income doubled every year for 3 years.”

Many or quite small, imho, but it depends on whether you consider painting your door red or creating a patio garden are big things or small things. I will say that at this stage, these are the BIGGEST things you may need to do (besides clear your clutter, but I saved that for part 2 ;). You will likely need to get a jade plant, a red welcome mat, a crystal or coin if you're on it, but that's about it. Mostly, it's having a clear intention (see Defining Success) and a willingness to move your stuff around - perhaps furniture, but perhaps just pictures. It simply can't hurt and I've done it enough for friends, clients and myself and have SEEN the results that I will put it out clearly that if you do nothing else, do this.

home or office or company?

Ideally, all 3. I've done a one-room home-office, an entire home, a department of a huge company and an entire company with remarkable results in whatever the intended outcome was: more unity and harmony, more abundance and prosperity, better communications, etc. As part of a larger coaching exercise, you're setting the groundwork (literally) for the changes you want to make. For some clients making large transitions (a move, divorce or new job - or often all of these at the same time), 'clearing the air' was immediately noticeable to them and opened the door to other mindsets and activities and required physical changes (like sleeping better or getting off meds or selling their business) that created momentum. #changeyourlife #momentum #flourishing

other topics

“I help solve problems for businesses, brands and their leaders so they can flourish.”

If you haven't checked out other topics in here, I wanted to give you a little nudge to do so...some deal with each of the topics above. I'm a long-time entrepreneur, so in my world, these topics are inextricably intertwined. I'm all about teaching people how to do things, so when we do talk, we're going to have better conversations. Solving problems for people gets me out of bed in the morning. So for those who are willing to put in the work, I'm always happy to help.


Lastly, I know we all get too many - but if you want to be the first to know about new topics, tools, free webinars, etc. from me, it's the best way, really. I also offer first seats for limited webinars and events to my list and often share things I don't with just anyone. Plus, I try to keep it tight, don't spam and won't sell your info. Promise. Hope we find a way to play.



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