feng shui part 2

Now it's time to get serious and mop up those speed bumps that are getting in your way.

Now that you have the basics, find this content in PDF form with short videos that walk you through the 'how to' here:

“This is not a 'one-and-done', it's a consistent practice. That said, hitting it hard at one time can impact your situation profoundly.”

Here's a recap of what to do from both part 1 and part 2 (although i recommend going through the videos, natch ;)

recap of recommendations

Part 1 Fundamentals:

1: Have a (Specific) Intention 2: write it down (with a litmus test) 3: draw the outside walls of your space (and overlay the bagua map) 4: augment the space to ‘love on’ your wealth and love corners outside if need be 5: audit and augment what you have in your critical spaces inside 6: clear the air and supercharge your front entry and key corners with crystals.

Part 2 Fundamentals:

break resistance and create momentum by overcoming common speed-bumps; reduce or remove:

broken items

things you don’t love


tangled cords


stored items

unused spaces

Again, please share, hit me up with questions or to talk through this and please check out my other topics. All of these 10 degree shifts, used together, become immensely powerful.

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