Having creative leadership expertise as well as a broad range of client and industry types gives me a unique ability to adapt to the people, problem and situation at hand.  I pride myself in understanding the core objectives and then using my superpower of knowing what to ask (and how) to get people to share openly. Once you get to the emotion, you can create change.  Getting to the insight or alignment is only half the battle, though - which is why I put huge emphasis on the clear, concise and quick documentation of findings and agreements - to build on momentum and give teams the tools to create something amazing (sm).


“I have more thank-you notes from clients about Lynette than for anything else…What’s even more useful is the way that she employs her great interpersonal charm to disarm, charm, empathize and relentlessly pin down her respondents without ever appearing more showy or threatening than just a really nice, interested friend. It’s a wonderful skill to watch and I can recommend her without any hesitation as a joy to have on the team.” 

James Mackenzie / Partner/Director of Strategic Planning / Cole&Weber

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